Saturday, May 25, 2013

Enjoy the moment

What are the rules and who makes them?  Sometimes we govern ourselves with so many rules we postpone our life until we have fulfilled our check list.  We've abandoned spontaneity, creativity, and life itself.

Why does dinner have to be precisely at a certain hour?  If you feel like a walk first, enjoy the moment.  Dinner will be waiting when you get back.  We've made life rigid and it shouldn't be.

Will the world really crash if we do the laundry a day late?  Opportunity is happening while we're completing our check list of have-to-do's.  Add time for yourself, time-out, time to rediscover your spirit to the list and sometimes, the the whim strikes, abandon it all together to explore, to experience life, to be alive in the moment and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

Be patient with yourself.  Trust that the mundane things in life will still be accomplished.  The truth is, the time spent worrying about it all could be used to better purpose.  God didn't create schedules, and the spirit isn't called free because it lives by them.

Make life fun.  Have a party on the patio and do some nature watching.  Take a picnic lunch to the park.  Look for shells on the beach and watch the crab feed, patiently, bit by bit.

Time out when we're feeling overwhelmed rejuvenates our spirit and gives us renewed energy to tackle all the chores when we return.  Practice playing as part of your weekly routine.  It makes for a joyful heart.

Children especially must be taught about spirit, nature, and the wonders of God's creation.  Too often in today's society we just use T.V. as a teacher and a babysitter without being truly conscious of what kids are learning, while adults live vicariously through soups and sitcoms and think that is is a reflection of real life and wonder why theirs doesn't live up to the script.

Life is meant to be lived, not observed.  Get a life!