Saturday, May 25, 2013

God gives us freedom

God gives us freedom, love, and the beauty of the world that we can explore as much of it as we want and discover the magnificence of his creation.  Within ourselves too we can explore the inner landscape of our soul for here too is God's creation and he resides within us.  We only have to acknowledge and be aware of the abundance in our lives and give gratitude and it is returned to us in greater measure that we may share God's blessings.

We must quiet ourselves in meditation that we may better hear the quiet inner voice that speaks his messages and promises.  He will never ever desert us, but is always with us and within us.  He is with us in the dark times and ushers us into the light by seeking the spiritual not the material life.

God has promised to provide for our needs so we must not worry.  God will give us the confidence and understanding to face the challenges in life.  Life is a journey, both inward and outward, traveled one step at a time.

The future is filled with the surprises that life holds.  It is like a play unfolding in which you cannot wait for the next act to begin in which God is the producer, director and choreographer and we can accept any role of our choosing.

Let us pick our roles wisely.   We've got the freedom to make the most of our activities and the purpose of our lives.