Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The accidental touching

The accidental touching
the forces that bind
the freedom of loving
that joined your world to mine.
To be deeply in love
is an experience to free
a liberating force
for you... and for me.
The loved one is the liberator
each member frees the other
I was the exception to the rule
when I encountered my lover.
The sheer joy of being loved
changed my whole world
like the sails of a ship
my life... unfurled.
Although I was frightened
when you beckoned, I had to go
this first step in our relationship
from this small start... it would grow.
It was a world I was eager to explore
I was freed to action of my own
and thus I did learn more
of you my love... I love alone.
For the first time I had a sense
of value and confidence
but total freedom hardly exists
there's always restrictions on this bliss.
The second set of restrictions
are the ones you, yourself set
the freedom of privacy you denied us
you were merciless... and yet
I thought it was because you loved me still
as I know... I always... will.
How we had struggled to be alone together
this was a new ordeal for me
but total isolation is not normal in life
when you're in love you want others to see.