Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finding Home

We traveled the rocks
gathering barnacles for fishing
playing with the sea creatures
the crabs peeking out at us
strangers to their environment
the waters lapping to and fro
trying to catch our feet
with its wetness...
laughing, happy day
the surfers riding high
upon each wave
carrying them in to shore
sometimes wiping out
peeling their wetsuits off
sitting on the back of their truck
with no embarrassment
to their nakedness exposed
the sunbathers drinking in
the warmth from the sky
sailboats showing their sleekness
counterparts to the speedboats
racing across in hurriedness
whitecaps breaking around them
the sand is people specked
swimming with all humanity
trying to come back to nature
they cannot capture
its expansiveness
touch the surface
of all its secrets held
I climb upon the rocks
and know... I am home