Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Go into nature

There are days when we are unable to concentrate, to feel rested or at peace.  These are the days we need to go out into nature and release and renew.  We can always feel a stronger sense of God when we go into the beauty of the natural world of God's creation and see the majesty of the trees, the sound of water running or crashing, the wind gently playing, the birds greeting us.

We don't have to go many miles.  The nearest park can do, or a trip to the beach.  Here we can find our serenity and our joy again when we are feeling depleted.  We can release the tension, stress, negativity and again connect with the blessings of God that we are a part of.

Release, release, release and be at peace.  It can do more for us than all the headache medicine in the world for it puts us back in focus and renews our intent.  It reminds us of the beauty God has given to the world and that we need to take time for ourselves.

To just be at peace, experience wonder and find our joy within.  We often forget, in our busy schedules, to take time for nature, to see the roots of life, to acknowledge the great beginning and that there is "more" to life itself.  A greater purpose than the everyday, endless lists of accomplishments.  That there is a path that our check list of "progress" cannot evaluate.

We cannot predetermine our lives, be we can take time to honor them and the Creator.  To abandon our preoccupation and truly see.  To feel a part of all that is.  Nature itself is a kind of prayer.  It says, look what has been created that you may find your spirit.  It says, come and be replenished.  It says, God provides for the birds, the trees, the plants, flowers and the constant flow of tide.

Do not feel he loves you less and know that He will provide for you also.  Be at peace and you will find the joy within.