Sunday, May 19, 2013

Special too

There is a magnetism about you
I must admit that draws my
thoughts back to you over and over.
I always seemed to make you
nervous and so exasperated with me
because I wouldn't conform to your
mold... I remember your quick,
keen, darting brown eyes... looking
at everything but me when you
tried to tell me something... It
was as if someone had chained
you to the chair and you wanted
to take off in flight... To escape
the unpleasant moments... How
do you make it easy when you
tell someone who loves you that
you never, ever want to see them
again... I feel as though I
have something dreadfully
wrong... You didn't really make
the reasoning of it clear... Just
left me hanging there in my limbo
wondering... Waiting... Feeling dead
inside... You know it's impossible for
me to walk on to another love this
way... I don't love easily and then
I would have to find someone very
special.. Like you... But then he
would have to find me special too.