Sunday, June 9, 2013

One with God

Fear should not exist in our vocabulary or our lives once we come to the realization that we are at one with God, our path is one of higher purpose and that we are never alone but in his divine care and guided with infinite love.

Fear is a denial of that love.  Love your life for it is a gift from God, a journey we have chosen to make to rediscover our higher purpose.

Fear tells us that life is about deadlines, schedules, material success, accumulating as much as we can, to achieve.  Love is accepting who we are as part of the divine all-that-I-am.  That there is a greater purpose to live.  To honor our spirit and God.  To release expectations and to be free to create.

Love is faith, truth, acceptance, gratitude, generosity of spirit, peace, joy, and being in the light.  Fear is darkness overshadowing the light which is God's love.

Fear is human but our spirit is divine and knows a greater power works within us.  Fear cannot exist in truth.  Truth is love speaking divine knowledge in our hearts.

When you experience fear, call forth the Holy Spirit and release the negative into God's hands.  He in turn will send love and faith and strength to get you through any and all things.  For he is always with us.

Just ask and you will receive, what you need, when you need it.  Just recognize the gift when it comes, and be grateful.  Gratitude is like remembering to send a thank you card, only more.

It is a life changing attitude and praises the Lord at the same time.  Love releases us into action.  Fear freezes us in its grip.  We can choose to recognize it and release its hold.

We can ask god to take this fear.  You can again feel the power of his love moving through you with those words.  We are never helpless, we can learn to love ourselves when we accept we are one in spirit with the love of God.