Friday, June 7, 2013

When will this love die

When will this love die
and my soul stop its hunger cry
...out from missing you
all my life I have been true
waiting for your touch
to light the fire of my desire
I love you much too much
when will my heart heal
from this pain you made me feel
as if the very being of me
were drowning in the endless sea
all alone since you've been gone
what, my darling, went so wrong?
Did a mere tear or two
separate me from you,
is giving in the tiny speck
that caused you to lose respect?
Where before you looked with ecstasy
today you are too blind to see
Did telling you how much I care
send you away in despair?
I guess you wanted just my touch
and I loved you much too much...
I've said all this before,
when we were together
the world was so much more...
so, as marvelous, or inconceivable,
or ridiculous it still seems
there are still those moments
when it was just you and me
Oh, when will this love die
and set me free...