Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life is a process

Life isn't a test.  It's a process.  To every process there are steps that must be performed along the way.  There are new ideas to develop that will improve the product.

Sometimes there are failures, more often there are successes.  Nothing in life is perfect, all things can be improved on, and we are not in charge.

There are two forms of growth:  exterior and interior.  It's the inner workings of all things that is most important.  It is our spirit we must give our greater attention.

For it is the foundation of our strength which is faith, our generosity which is love, our knowledge which is wisdom, our serenity which is peace, and our happiness which is a joyful heart.

All thing must be in balance that we may perform to our optimum.  No one can do the work for us.  Some may influence us, enlighten us, encourage us, but only we can fulfill us.

It is the most important thing we can do in life and it requires constant homework, correction, and improvement.  This is why it is called a process.

We make new discoveries all the time and add it to our knowledge.  We encounter adversity which develops greater strength.  Chaos erupts and when resolved we have a greater sense of peace.  And sorrow enters all our lives and reminds us to be grateful for all our blessings and to demonstrate love to those most dear.

Disappointment and despair may rock our boat but when we have built a strong interior we will overcome the hurdles with a joyful heart.

Knowing at the most difficult times the Divine steps in to lift us up.  We are never alone, but when we seek right guidance it is always given.

What we need we receive, and we feel the brush of an angel's wing that reminds us we are loved, watched over, guided and protected.

Truth is, there is purpose to our lives.  The process helps us discover our right purpose.  Peace and joy are living it.