Monday, June 10, 2013

Release and Renew

We know we are progressing, on our spiritual path, by our ability to seek and find peace.  When we are feeling as if we are in troubled waters we can center ourselves and come back to a sense of serenity.

We do this through meditation, and also by releasing.  Thus bringing ourselves back into alignment with the spirit and with God.  Prayer is not only a communication with God, it is a means of being in harmony with our thoughts and with the Divine.

It is speaking in truth to one who loves us unconditionally.  It is confessing a need for spiritual guidance, for help along the way, and a means to express our gratitude.

There is no separation, for when we reach out we feel a part of all-that-is.  We need never be lonely for we always have the overwhelming love of God.

We just need to quiet ourselves and tune-in. The presence of the Divine is always with us.  The only requirements to begin to find inner peace is our willingness.

Once we reach out and receive the demonstration of His love, we are forever changed.  Fear can be put behind us in a moment, each time we renew and remember to release and let God.

Let him reassure us, guide us, reaffirm us, and love us.  For in Him there is no fear, only peace.  Open your heart and let the spirit of the divine enter in.

To be at peace is to feel an absence of all negativity and it is a sense of heightened awareness.  It is an experience of pure joy.  It is feeling intense love fill your spirit.

As we progress we become an open invitation to love that we can enter in a moment.  It is so joyful that we seek to maintain that state of peace.  We are attuned to our spirit and aware of disruptions.

We can stop and release before negativity can build up.  By being receptive to love we can eliminate discord.  Release and renew.