Sunday, June 16, 2013

Own Yourself

People mirror our beliefs.  What we think they will echo or argue.  They reflect our opinions of ourselves.  If they say otherwise we don't believe them.

To change reactions we but need to change actions.  Be authentic with what you feel.  Examine whether it is divine truth or an echo of past pain and fear.

Ultimately, we are what we create ourselves to be.  After we allow ourselves to do our own internal excavation, and release the baggage of the past that is weighing us down.

We need to free ourselves of the fear that has locked us in a cage of doubt, unworth, anger, dysfunction, denial, self-abuse, guilt or any other negativity we use to define ourselves.

Do a heart search to find the divine within.  It is there for God created us out of pure love.  We are not what we experience.  We are life's purpose discovering the self who is on this journey.

We are not the mirror image but the authentic being of light and love.  The miracle of who we truly are, a part of all-that-is, experience life, love and adventure in this lifetime.

It is more a journey within than without.  Our true purpose is in finding our self.  Our true and authentic self, the divine being we are. A unique, one of a kind creation.

There are no comparisons.  No one can take your place or do what you came here to do.  Each pebble in the water makes its own ripple.

Own yourself, honor yourself, be glad for who you are.  God did not create you to be anyone else.  Honor the gifts you have been given. 

They too were given for a purpose.  To create, to share, to serve.  Open your heart that you may better know.  Welcome the spirit of faith.

We do not journey alone.  Our angels are always with us, and the divine connection to all-that-is can be short circuited but never destroyed.

We only need but tune in, adjust our frequency, make the right connection to find we are on the right path after all.