Saturday, June 15, 2013

As much as today

This terrible pit of fear and doubt
who let this green eyed monster out?
Who made you fearful of my love?
What made you doubt the one above?
... the one who patterns all our life
that at times can cut like a knife
or other times give us so much bliss
like two lover's first shared kiss...
What made you think this good was wrong?
I have at times been wild with joy
like a child with a new toy
I have never in all my years...
experienced so much love... so many tears
It's like a seesaw... up and down
or like a free wheeling merry-go-round
It rejoices my heart... the thought of you
clutching together in the darkness we'ere going through
and how I wait for the ring of the phone
and to hear your soft voice on the other side
... then to clam up and try to hide
this happiness I feel inside...
to know it's really you
that I am speaking to
and I want to tell you, oh my dear
I'll love you forever if that is near
or until tomorrow if that's far away
I'll love you to eternity... as much as today