Thursday, June 13, 2013

I wish I were a free bird

If it would help ease the pain
I'd erase the memory
of who I am and what we had
in times that used to be
I'd take away our yesterdays
and all my love for you
and replace it with tomorrows
dreams of all that is untrue
I'd give you loveless days
to live without regret
instead of this heart of mine
that never can forget
I'd wish you spring forever
and no autumns come to pass
and all the sweet flirtations
you know will never last
That way there would be no heartache
at the sight of me
and like a bird soaring overhead
you'd forever be just free
May you never find a love
like I have found for you
and a woman to break your heart
because she's never true
Fly, fly my free bird
up, up in the sky
never build a nest of love
like fools such as I....