Monday, June 24, 2013

Faith is a given

Faith is a given.  We have faith that the sun will come up each day.  That the wind or rain or snow will eventually stop.  That each day contains 24 hours, that nothing lasts forever.

Doubt is the belief that someone else can be the cause of or loss of your personal happiness.  Our joy cannot be put at the feet of another.  It is something we must find within ourselves before we can even share it with another.

What we experience is part of our personal growth.  Life is a balance of emotions.  For in order to recognize joy we must experience pain.

In order to know love we must realize loss.  We don't need to remain in the negative.  Live it, release it, move on.  The truth is we all experience a variety of emotions in our development.  That is how we grow.

Those in faith know that all things are temporary and that the Divine Spirit will lift us up when we ask.  He will carry us when we are tired of spirit.

We create our own world with our beliefs.  God always works toward our greater good.  He bestows blessing amid hardships.

Faith is know that all things are possible and that we can survive any challenge.  Faith is doing your very best and letting God do the rest.

Life is full of unlimited possibilities, conscious choices, hopes, dreams, and discoveries.  Everything you need to fulfill your journey will be provided at the right time.  In the right place, for the right purpose.

People are put in our lives for a reason and to fulfill a purpose.  There is a divine plan in all things.  There is synchronicity in faith practiced.

What we need shows up in our lives just when we need it.  We are the realization of what we believe,.  What we give we receive back, in abundance.

Our journey is a constant work in progress of self, of spiritual discovery, of increased wisdom, knowledge and awareness, of belief in the divine power which is called faith.