Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Beautiful abundance

I keep my mind and thoughts off this world, placing my focus on God, dwelling within, as the cause of my prosperity. I acknowledge the inner presence as the only activity worth concentrating on, and let the abundance flow accordingly.

I ask the angels to intercede for me today as messengers of God. To help my prayers join in the unity of prayer that together creates a stronger force in the universe. I give thanks for all the many blessings God provides and in the beauty of all creation.

Let me be alive to every moment and each experience of every day. There is such wonder in all God's creation if we are but conscious to our environment. The simple overwhelming abundance in every cloud as it slowly moves through the sky. Some heavy and grey with rain, others stark white with the sun's reflection even though it itself is hidden from view.

The face of each flower unique in design and fragrant with perfume more splendid than any created by man. All a magnificent gift from God who has truly blessed the world.

The birds in flight coasting on the breeze and the leaves dancing and rustling their own soft background to the conversation of the birds as they bob with the moving branches. Oh, wonder is everywhere we look or listen.

Squirrels come out on the lawn to picnic and deer crash through the edges of civilization all sharing this same beautiful day as we. As the clouds part, the sky so blue shines through as an airplane with a smoke trail passes, echoing his flight as he is already gone, and my friend the hummingbird comes for his liquid lunch hanging from the eucalyptus tree and nervously makes eye contact as he makes his own rhythmic wind with his wings.

We two share the same outdoors and who is the visitor him or me? I am blessed with family and friends and thoughtfulness. I truly feel at peace right now. A sharing of man and nature, comingling.

The bushes are newly red leafed for spring, putting on their new colors. Cycles, seasons, each day brand new, a gift more lavish than any play or production put on by man, if we but pause and notice.

Stop the hurry and worry that seems to be the center of our lives. This here is life itself in a panoramic view. The hills snow covered, and the gullies filled with rushing waters, a product of the bountiful rain of late, causing nature to be green with new growth, new life. Beautiful abundance.