Monday, November 28, 2016

Golden Light of Love

What we seek, we find. God answers our prayers, only have faith that He knows our needs and provides. His blessings are as the raindrops in plentitude. Give thanks to the Lord our God for through Him all good things come.

Nature knows this for truth and responds. The angels are very near and keep us in their loving care. They follow us through may lifetimes. The wisdom of God is more plentiful than the leaves on the trees.

Listen for God is speaking in the elements. Cleanse yourselves of all impurities, blow away any injustices from your hearts, make way for the golden light of love.

Open your hands and your hearts that you may receive. Be not blind to the messages of the Lord for He is in all things. Bend with the storms and bask in the sun. All things are gifts, recognize them as such, and give thanks.

Many are called, but few are chosen says the Lord. Be grateful, chosen one that you may see first hand the power and love of the Lord. Accept the will of God, He is your lifeline, your truth.

Do not be afraid to build your nest in the highest tree, for He will not let you fall. God cradles His children in His hands that hey may know comfort in the Lord.

Even as we are tossed and blown about in life He is our safety line to heaven. Simply hold on to the truths He has taught and find yourself safely on the shore.

Do not be driven away from God's truths, but seek the comfort of His eternal love. Precious child rest in the safety of the Father's love. Today seek rest and sanctuary and light and love.

Not all days are to reap and sow. Today is for the tranquility and preparation. All things have a season and place in the plans of God.

When He speaks, listen, quiet the mind that you may hear. Rest in the Lord, an inner peace is at hand. Gracious is the giver and blessed is the receiver.