Saturday, November 5, 2016

Keep Holy the Day

Praise the day and keep it holy. Think only kind and loving thoughts for this is the Lord's day. Remember to give Him praise. Take time to share His glory in prayer and communion with others. Set aside this day for special remembrances and prayer for others as well as gratitude for all the blessings in your life.

Make this not a day of work, but of rest, and joyfulness. Seek the Divine in all you do this day. Love one another. God gave you life. He gives you guidance. The angels are commanded to watch over you thus He keeps you in His care.

The feathers are to remind you that the angels are around you, and to assist you in your needs they speak with you in that still small voice within. Even when the path is rocky, it is but a time of learning and growth, not a sign of abandonment.

For the Lord, who loves you unconditionally, would never desert you. Be at peace. Ask Him to help you with your burdens and include Him in your joy. For this is the grace He sends into your life.

Keep family in your heart and mind. For they were chosen by you to be a part of this life's journey. This is a time of peace and new purpose in your life. Be open that you may know and have faith that you will be shown the way.

Each day is a gift to be savored. To see it fully, to be in awareness is to know God. For He is within all that exists. Each flower, each leaf, the expanse of the sky, the sound of the surf are miracles created by Divine will.

To be one with nature is to be one with God. God cares for all of his handiwork and there is spirit in all that exists. let your inner self speak to the universe, hug a tree, spend time with the stars in the night sky, walk a country road or along the sand with the water kissing your feet and you will know of God. S/He exists everywhere.