Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Teach Me, Oh Lord

So many things come up to test our faith, and yet, why do we need to test the Divine who is always with us? He who has provided for us and shows us the way. We only need ask and we receive. So why do we first encounter fear and doubt?

There is no need to fear! We are tested to strengthen our faith and to learn to turn to God as the supplier of our abundance, the giver of our strength, and for the love in which we find peace.

All things human can be taken from us, our wealth, our health, those that we love, material possessions. But the one thing constant in our lives is the great love of our Heavenly Father, our Mother Mary, and their Son Jesus.

That love never wavers. Therefore we are never alone in our tribulations. And when we ask and seek, they embrace us in that love.They want us to teach others how much they love us. That we are never alone. And they shower us with their blessings.

We have been supplied the beauty of the world and yet we are careless in our appreciation. We must learn to hold dear the gifts of God. We must learn to respect others as His children, as well, for we come in a variety of shapes and color.

Thus He teaches us through humility to strengthen our faith that we may greater know. When life is too easy we tend to forget where our true source is. Let me not forget, Oh Lord, for without you I am as if nothing.

Let me be humble in your sight. Let me seek the privilege of your grace. Grant me your guidance in this life and the peace of knowing your love. When I have doubts let me turn to you as the source that will heal me.

When I worry let me be assured that you will provide for me. Let me share that bounty with others, that, they too, know of your love.