Thursday, November 17, 2016

Share the Gifts

God loves you as one of His children and does not a father provide for his children with love, the necessities and more? Be grateful to God your loving Father and harbor no doubts in your mind for He has provided a table before you and shelters you in His care.

He has sent the sun to shine upon your and His angels as messengers of hope. We need to listen more and believe in the truths already spoken. We need to share our love and the promises in belief. For to share is to love.

Give joyfull in love with open heart. Live in love and peace with your neighbors, offer help when you see need. Always take time for prayer and meditation for it is nourishment for your soul.

Open your hearts to the Lord for you are blessed. Do not bring troubles to your table or bed for there is no rest or faith in that.

Look to each new day as the gift that it is, the blessing freely given and know that in abundance you receive all as a gift from God, your Father.