Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hidden in the soul

Life, right now, is a blank canvas awaiting a possibility of new discovery. There are endless ideas to entertain. Each day is brand new, full of hopes and new dreams, endless vistas and buried desires to be made real, and full of forgotten memories.

There is a possibility to make fresh all the creative wonder buried deep inside through all the years of yearnings and aspirations. It is time to transform the drab day to day grind into a cornucopia of color and light, an inspiration of spirit with the angels to unlock all that has been hidden in the soul.

Let me be wise enough to embrace a second chance and make my dreams be fruitful. Give me the energy and capacity to throw open the doors of the mind and begin anew. God has blessed me with the gift of time to be bold, and grab the magic ring with the angels' guidance.

I feel as if I've been reborn to new life. Let me live it.