Friday, November 4, 2016

Live in God's Light

Dear God, help me to be like Ste. Therese and to seek the simple truth which is your love. The love you have for us is greater than any earthly love possible. I am never alone as I have you in my life at all times.

Wherever I look I see a manifestation of your love and I hear it in the bird's song. With you, as an example, we learn to give more love that others may share in knowing you we try to bring your light to others.

To be a reflection of your generosity. Help me to touch others with my smile, with a warm heart. I thank you for teaching me. For learning to rely on you for my needs has taught me a greater humility and faith.

What I cannot do, you do for me. What I cannot accomplish alone I ask for you help and guidance. The simple life is a blessing indeed and we learn to be grateful for what we have instead of looking for what we do not possess.

For I possess the greatest of all things, the unconditional love of a Father for His child. You have never turned from me even in my darkest hour. You have seen me through many dark days and taught me to look for the blessings in each one.

That when we look closely we find the joy. How much that outlook has changed my life others may not fully comprehend. But a gratitude attitude is the biggest life changing way of being we can accomplish.

And when we learn to be more grateful, we learn also to be more generous with others that they too may know the wonders of gratitude and pass it on. Thus we see an increasing awareness and love in the world around us.

Life is not changed so much by big events but by the little day to day evolution of being more loving. Of a revelation of God's presence in our everyday. How blessed is life lived in your light instead of in shadow.