Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Synchronicity in today's world

To learn more about synchronicity is to be aware of God's hand in our lives. For what comes into our lives just when we need it is surely sent by God. It may be a message, a person, a book, or a life changing event. Things happen for a reason, and through synchronicity, we learn a greater purpose in life.

We learn to look for the messages, to be open and aware. We allow ourselves to be guided and as we do, the occurrence of synchronistic events increases, until it becomes a part of our daily lives. We no longer think in terms of "what a coincidence", but instead, ask "what is the message?" and respond to it accordingly.

It leads us on paths we might not have anticipated we would travel. Synchronicity opens up the wonder of greater possibilities. Knowing they are not random helps us to reaccess the way we live and what we believe.

We look at people differently for they may be a messenger or a teacher that contribute to our growth. What we need is supplied in ordinary and extraordinary ways. Life itself becomes more exciting as we open up to the changes, in ourselves and our lives, that synchronicity brings.

New doors open with increasing frequency and we find ourselves on a spiritual journey. The whole world takes on a different face because we are more aware. Nothing goes unnoticed, including the small inner voice within, which is Divine guidance.

Listen and you shall hear. Seek and you shall find. Be open to receive and the messages will come to you. There is a greater increase in synchronicity than has ever existed before.

Right here and right how. Wherever we look we can find God speaking through whatever format is available. He is reaching out. We need but be ready when synchronicity calls for there is a message and it is for us.