Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Peaceful Patio

Life is peaceful on my patio. The flowers are in bloom in an abundant array of purples and golds, whites and reds, lavenders and pinks, all like happy little faces. It is a small corner of the world, but it looks out on infinity and is surrounded by life. Nature is soft and silent this morning and the sky is cloud laden in sections and blue laced in others.

In every direction is a different drama interconnected and the crows are taking flight. The day is still awakening and the scent of the soil is musky with dampness. It seems as if nature is alive with anticipation, as if awaiting the sun's warmth and a brightening of the new day so newly arrived.

The birds are beginning their morning chorus in greeting. How wonderful all life is, I have not made any plans for the day, but will let it evolve naturally. There is always much to do, but life has ceased to be a schedule revolving around time to be hurried through.

Life isn't a schedule but a glorious wonder, a birth, a joy, and yes an abundance. God thank you for the vision to see, the heart to feel, the time to feel serene and joyful, the soul to be at peace, the mind to seek and grown, and the wisdom to be grateful.

All things are a gift from God, even the experience of timelessness, to just be one with nature and experience the joy and abundance of being in the now.