Monday, October 31, 2016

Beyond Imagination

There is a purposefulness that's an outgrowth of love and peace. The messages are many for there is a need among us. Many blessings abound when we seek. Do not worry about needs for they will be met. God loves and cares for His children, you only need to open your heart to the gift.

Do not be troubled over what you cannot control, only pray. Much is in God's hands. He is our shelter and our strength. Peace will come, only seek it within yourself. Do not let your mind be troubled, only relax and let the love flow.

Love is a creative energy with a message of its own. Love, love all, seek serenity within and use the gifts God has given you and share them with the world. When we seek peace and love, we find our answer, and when we share it we are fulfilling a purpose.

This is God's gift of life and truly living, so share it. He leads you to the path, have faith and follow it, the journey will be long and fruitful beyond imagination.