Monday, October 7, 2013

Ask for the Divine

Inner faith leads to outer success. We must believe before we can achieve. God is our divine guide to our authentic self and our true purpose. Reach out in prayer, God will hear. He knows before we speak what is in our hearts.

He is but waiting for us to ask for His help and guidance. Be open and believe that you may receive. He is the light, the way, the truth and the life. Seek him in all that you do and ask Him to show you the way.

Never fear for God is always near and He knows your divine purpose. Ask for divine enlightenment, that you may better understand. Ask for divine strength that you may not falter and be stuck in fear. Ask for divine guidance that He may show you the way. Ask for divine truth that you may have greater faith. Ask for divine contentment that you may see the abundance in all that you have. Ask for divine gratitude that you may see God's blessings in every day of your life.

Include God in all that you do that your life has divine purpose. Be quick to forgive yourself, as well as others, that you harbor no ill will to disturb your peace of mind. See others as the children of God that they are.

Life isn't perfect, it is seeking to achieve perfection. Be joyful in all that you do, all you receive, and in all that you are able to give. Share what you have with others.

All hardships and struggles are temporary, don't get stuck in them. Be open to receive whatever life lesson is there, and move on.

Your journey is divine. Your path is ordained by the unconditional love of your Heavenly Father. You may choose to follow where it may lead and be transformed on the journey.

You may choose to follow the light of divine purpose and step out of the shadows of the ego's negativity and what-ifs. We're are more than our mind for our spirit is divine and life is not our destination but only the journey on the way.