Monday, October 7, 2013

Proceed in Faith

Sometimes the pain of yesterday's childhood are brought back in words of today. Play it safe. Don't go for the gold ring at your age. You are too old to try for a new career, relationship, to go back to school, to become a writer, an artist or whatever you're dreaming of. This is the real world, get real.

The words are spoken our of fear, out of love, out of concern for you. But what is your true purpose and what is God's will? He wants you to increase the dimension of your life. To grow on the path, through the process. To have faith. He wants the very best for you!

What is the potential of your life? Your gifts? Have you been honoring them fully? The true reality may not be the "safe path" others would choose for you and ask you to choose for yourself. You are being tested, again!

We need to believe that "all things are possible". That God can and will remove the obstacles in our path. We are what we were created to be and when we realize our true purpose we need to have faith and follow it like a shining star leading us to our destiny.

Don't try to force yourself into the mold of other people's expectations of you. We already are what God created us to be. We are an expression of God's love. To accept divine will is to follow the true path and to fulfill our divine purpose.

There are not limitations in the divine, only in our mind. The difference between faith and fear is an acceptance of God's will. Through Him all good things are a reality. Believe you can do what you came here to do. For God will walk with you each step of the way.

He will light the darkness, move the mountains, carry us when we're weary and guide us through the storms. He wants for us more than we ask for ourselves. God is all possibilities, through faith, manifested.