Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Again

It frightens me
it's too much... it's not
I don't know
we're such strangers
there's really no point
aren't you sure enough
of your own self
to weather the competition?
Everyone is so sure
that I am... what I am
no one allows me to
follow my own intuition
they label me...
I burn the labels
to hell with people
who want to label me
I've traveled the chapters
of my life... my way
a journey, a window
I feel new again
each time I grow
my way!... always free
and it has damn little
to do with you
separate people we all are
our voices each echo
and aren't we terrified?
and isn't it madness?
it's stupid!... insanity!
that we should
think we know someone well
enough to change them
Christ... what vanity!