Saturday, October 5, 2013

Less of me

In the beginning
when you started kissing me
I told you I wouldn't be
a replacement for your
past mistress...
and you said I wasn't
almost assuring me
and sure enough I became one
I should have asked then
if you didn't want a new experience
to replace the last...
then what was it you were after?
but I was too mesmerized to think
of any questions so pertinent
until the whole bloody affair
was over...
now there's no undoing
what has been done
and the questions that should
have been asked
never were...
I don't think less of you for it
but less of me for fooling myself
it was a slight case of
love stroke...
now that I've come back
down to earth
I find myself wondering if
it were possible to go back
and redo things differently
if I would...
for I miss most wanting to....