Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I wish you love

I feel very, so very far away
from you... today.
I know you feel it's better
not to make any effort at all
you don't answer even one letter
or the phone... when I call.
You give none of yourself
but you have taken so much
from me... Just sit there on a shelf
so dreadfully dull... It's such
a bore... that's no life for me
and I certainly don't want sympathy.
But I can remember all the times,
the fun times that we had
and I know all my poems and rhymes
won't change your face from the sad
look you wear... my love
can't chip the ice away you
keep in your heart without love
how can I melt you? What am I to do?
Beside pray to our God above
to make you find something so grand
somewhere... It doesn't have to be with me
I just want you to understand
all the beauty there is to see.
And you don't have to travel far and wide
It's right outside your door
you don't have to see the whole countryside
to find what you're looking for.