Friday, October 18, 2013

My Plaintive Cry

"You don't know me"
is my plaintive cry
not enough!
You don't know anything
except my exterior
you don't know the why
that makes me unique
what I am... it's real
what I need
what I think
and what I feel
you don't know... shit
what the devil you do
don't tell me - what
to do - and when to do it
I'm not happier that way
and though you mean well
you only blew it!...
I'm not just a doll
though you think
that's all - I would be
how could you!
I can have everything
be everything
I can't explain it
you can't make me over
into what you wanted
it just wouldn't fit!
That's a disagreeable thing
checking me out
like a prize to be bought
I feel so... so lonely with you
and there's no reason to....