Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Get Ready

Have you outgrown your circumstances again?  Is a new future, an new you, unfolding?  Are you ready for it or are you dragging your heels, holding on to yesterday and the past?  Are you clinging to your belief of limitations?  Fear of the unknown?

Well get ready.  The curtain is rising and it's time for a new chapter to begin.  It comes whether we are ready or not.  Prepared or not.  Eager or not.  It is process, progress, potential growth, anticipated or not.  It's our next step in spiritual growth, embraced or not.

The only way to grow is through new experiences.  Life is a mystery, a history in the making.  We are the participants.  Our role is vitally important whither we realize it or not.  Each raindrop that falls makes a difference.  So do we, otherwise we wouldn't have been created.

Our being is not an accident.  It is divine purpose.  New people enter our lives, new directions take place, new locations, new settings.  Some doors close and new ones open.  Voila!  We're in the process.

Life is taking place, and guess what?  You're a major player in yours.  You're the star.  Center stage. You'll discover the script and find your direction.  You are being guided step by step.  Listen for the messages.  Pay heed to the cues you receive.  Step out of the shadows and into the light. You're on!

Each of us have major turning points in our lives and we know when we're in the midst of one.  We can't always see where we're going as there are many turns in the road.  And there is work to do at each stop along the way.

There are pauses, intermissions, and then another journey begins.  As we mature in our roles we gain knowledge, self-assurance, confidence so we are able to tackle difficulties with greater enlightenment, knowing that we are always connected to the greatest producer.  God.