Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Faith is embracing life

God is constantly showing us the way. The road is narrow and we may often lose our direction, get distracted, fall into a pit of depression. We may be wounded emotionally and spiritually. Be blinded by our own fears. But when we seek Him the light is always there to show us the way.

This is called faith. When we accept that we are lost without the divine in our life, the light grows brighter. When we honor God, we honor ourselves. God loves us unconditionally and wants us to demonstrate love. Starting with ourselves, for only when we truly accept the divine within can we recognize it in all others.

To not just love when things are good good but in the hard times too. That is why we sometimes experience trials to test and strengthen our faith. The Holy Spirit will see us through every single thing we experience.

Reach out, that the path may be made smooth. Have no judgement against others or yourself. Release it in God's hands. Only follow the path of love and He will lead you out of the darkness of self-doubt, fear, selfishness, unworthiness, greed and into the light of His unconditional love.

Call on Him for guidance, divine energy, and change that we may be made worthy to be in His divine presence. Let your life be an unfolding into the light. There is not greater power in the universe than God's power.

The reality is we are never alone for the spirit is always with us. Be the authentic self God created you to be. When we rearrange our thinking we rearrange our vision of life. It becomes more joyful, the sun shines brighter, the air smells sweeter, the flowers are more glorious in bloom, the birds song is an aria of sound. And we realize the miracle we are experiencing.

It's called life. It is a blessing and a gift despite the tattered wrappings we sometimes see. Faith comes in many forms, so does love. Embrace it.