Friday, October 4, 2013

Begin Again

This is the time of renewal, rebirth, growth, to follow a new direction, to begin again, and for gratitude of all the blessings and experiences of the past year, for acknowledgement and release.  What we believe is what we receive, so expect the very best.

A new chapter in our life is unfolding and we are in the process of becoming.  Have faith in the process and purpose of becoming.  Have faith in the process and purpose of life, knowing where you are at this given time is right where you're supposed to be for your own growth on your path of learning.

It may not seem so, at times, until we learn to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary to see the blessings in the lessons of life, there there is a divine plan in all things great and small. To listen and learn. To follow when our heart and spirit speak the truth.

Life doesn't jut happen, it develops according to divine plan. Where there is chaos it is usually a creation of our own mind's disorder.  When we don't move ahead is our own fear subconsciously keeping us back? Are we not ready to let go and move on?  Our mental and emotional outlook will be reflected in the order or disorder of our lives.

Our peace and serenity will be will be echoed in the time we give to our spiritual self. To quite the mental storms of fear, doubt, negativity that clutter it and seek through meditation, prayer or just inner quietness, of just being, that we may better hear, know and remember a greater purpose and truth.

We are children of God.  There is a purpose to our being, to our life. We are here for a reason. God loves us and wants the best for us. We are free to choose and we can choose to seek greater wisdom, guidance of all-that-is. The we have the power to change our lives. To have greater meaning to our lives. That God will provide what we need to succeed. Faith is important.