Thursday, October 3, 2013

Change and New Beginnings

Abrupt changes in your life are real eye-openers.  They help you to reevaluate your priorities, your goals, your lifestyle, your whole existence.  Endings are truly new beginnings.  We take time to soul search, to be more conscious. What is it we truly want in life? What is excess baggage?  What do we want to hold on to, what do we want to let go?  Are we content with our profession or is something else calling to us?

Often times on change is a catalyst to many others, and a searching for our authentic self.  We start to take a good hard look at our life and ourselves.  To make a better connection to our inner spirit.  To move forward we must first release the past.  Ask God to Help!  Ask the angels.

We must release to find peace.  To reaffirm our self-worth and to rid ourselves of negative patterns that lock us into repeated relationships and resentments.  Become a student of your own history.  There are so many good books out now that are aides to self examination.  Others choose a professional counselor.  Whatever works, use it.

They are but tools, you ultimately, are the sculptor.  Be grateful for all the experiences, challenges, and blessings that shape your life.  It is a growing, changing, evolving, enlightening, learning experience that is never ending.

Be purposeful in your examination.  After all,what could be more important than your life, your self, your spirit, your full potential?  To be the best you that you can be is to honor the divine, all-that-is, in all of us.

Believe in yourself and all the possibilities within.  Allow the unfolding of a greater spirit to begin.  We already have all the elements we need as a gift from the divine.  We have the power and vision necessary to remove the obstacles and blocks in our lives. To create a new path in our destiny.  To follow the high road and to always be grateful for the blessings in our life.