Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our roots are God

So often we go on an expedition searching for our roots thinking it will give us answers to who we are. Who are we? Truly we are all God's children. So why do we seek answers in the past, on paper, in books and on microfilm, when what we need to do is go within to find all-that-is.

We are not our bodies only but spirit. What matters more, who begat us, or who created us in love? What is more important, our roots or our path? We can spend hours digging or hours serving the Lord. Which does the world need more?

To open our hearts to others who need help now. How can we better serve? What are our priorities, the past or the present? The past is gone and tomorrow is unknown. What we have is the here and now.

We may think what we do doesn't make a difference but it does. Each tear drop, rain drop, grain of sand, or ripple in the waters of life, make a difference.

When we put our full energies into it, our capacity to love, our spirit, we can make a great deal of difference. What would Jesus do? That has become a popular theme. Did he spend time searching his past or in changing the future, for all of us?

He knew His purpose in life and although His time here was brief the difference He made has touched more lives than any power on earth.

He gave us guidance to follow, unconditional love as an example, a foundation of hope and eternity of promises. He reminds us to ask what we may receive, call that we may be answered, knock that the door may be opened to us.

We needn't search for the divine for it is always there. We need only reach out, be open, pray, ask and He lifts us up. We are not only His children but His instruments that we may do his work and be grateful for the opportunity to serve a greater purpose. God's eyes, God's touch, God's love is within us all.