Monday, October 21, 2013

God's Guidance

God let me know my greater purpose that I may make a difference for I am nothing without you to guide my way. Give me clarity that I may see the true path. Take away my fear and doubts.

Help me to be open to your divine guidance. Help me to accept myself as an instrument of your greater judgement for you created me to serve. Help me to move forward in greater alignment with my true purpose and divine spirit.

Let me have faith despite what I hear from others, for they are not God's truth. What He speaks, we know. All our gifts were bestowed by the divine for a divine purpose. Help me to put my faith in your divine guidance and attune my spirit to your divine will.

All that I am you made me to be. Reveal to me that which I need to know. All that I need you will provide. Take away the limitations I have created as stumbling blocks.

Give me the wisdom to truly listen. Let me be open to great changes. I was lost but now I am found. Thank you Lord. Let be willing to make a difference, no matter how small.

Help me to discipline myself that I may enjoy greater creativity. To be conscious of all that is around me and of all my blessings. Let me release the past that I may go forward without carrying unwanted burdens with me.

Let me not hold on to old ways, old problems, old choices that are not serving my higher purpose. We truly know when it is time to move on, it is only fear that keeps us rooted in the past.

Help me set myself free to be all that I can be. Help me not to doubt myself but to have faith in you. Let me accept that it is all right to want more, to accept more, to become more than I have ever been before.

Let me unfold to my full potential in your light. Let me be in joy. God knows what we need and He is never limited. Let everything I do be an act of love for you. Let my path be a prayer and your guidance the love that takes me there.