Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today is a gift

This is a time of process, of change, and we can't avoid it.  So embrace it, welcome it and whatever new beginning and new adventures it holds.  Life is exciting, and never stagnant.

It holds new surprises all the time.  Each day is a gift.  Are we going to make the best of it?  See it as the precious wonder that it is?  Tomorrow it will be history, don't waste it.

Today will not come again.  Tomorrow is a mystery yet to be discovered.  So many people live their lives in a routine.  Never noticing each day's passing as if they are in an unconscious state.  For they are!  Unconscious to the beauty around them, of a cloud passing, squirrels feeding, birds singing, the wind whispering.

To be conscious is to be aware of all that is in your environment and to be in appreciation.  Chose to live consciously.  Wake up to the world and to all life.  You can almost hear a tree drinking, a flower slowly opening, the hum of a bee gathering for honey in the making.

Life isn't just doing.  It's attending it in awareness.  It's valuing the gift that life is.  It's honoring yourself, your experiences, your surroundings and your spirit.

It's acknowledging all the wonder of the world and being an active participant.  When we value more, realize more, we love more.  We exist in a state of joy, no matter the conditions of our life, for we realize there is more in the everyday than we ever anticipated.

It is an unfolding of your future potential.  No one can replace you.  No one can fulfill your destiny but you.  No one can contribute to this world what you yourself have to give.

You truly are unique.  There truly is a purpose to your existence.  God created you and your path out of love.  He allows you to grow into it gaining wisdom along the way.  Within your every step is a shadow of his, for he is with you always.

Get up and greet the day.  The present has arrived.