Wednesday, May 4, 2016

God shows me the way

I am grateful to start my day with prayer, with thoughts of God and others. To remember all the blessings S/He has brought into my life. My wonderful children and grandchildren. My friends and others I meet along the way. For my father, mother, brother, sister. For my childhood and the values I was taught.

But mostly I am blessed by my relationship with God in my life. For recognizing, without Him in my life I would not have this wonderful awareness of everything in my world and a deeper appreciation for every small blessing.

I have learned to be grateful not only for what has happened in my life and each day but also for what is coming into my life through God and through His guidance. I am grateful for the knowledge that I am never alone.

God speaks to me in the sounds and sights of nature. In the wee small voice within. I release my anxieties and fears into His hands and know His will is for my greater good. I am grateful for the Angels S/He sends to me and for their help in small as well as large things in life. As well as for their guidance and protection.

Everything in my life is provided through Divine abundance. S/He has taught me the blessings of a gratitude attitude. I acknowledge that God's gifts, when we release our will, are far greater than we would imagine for ourselves.

Being aware brings pleasure into the smallest things we do and we learn to take nothing for granted. Thus life becomes a constant source of wonder and joy. Peace reigns in our heart. For we know we can do nothing alone, but that all things are possible with God. Let Him show us the way.