Friday, May 6, 2016

Flowers and Butterflies

Today I saw my first spring butterfly as yellow as a sunflower, dipping, and rising with the breeze. The bees have been here nestling in the center of the tulips performing their job of pollination.

The ants are busy building tunnels everywhere they can. The fruit trees have a glorious array of flowers, the peace in pink bloom, the pear dressing in white, and the unknown with a few at the tips of two branches.

Last year it did not even have leaves and hopefully, this year, it will be revealed what fruit it will produce. I work on the pictures for my cousin Marie-Danièle and a wee note letting her know how very much we enjoyed meeting her. My lovely french connection.

Technology has been such a blessing to me, letting me discover my roots and better understand my past, and the mystery of my family history. Interesting times we live in. One of flowers and butterflies, as well as bits and bytes.