Monday, May 9, 2016

Grow in the spirit

We must be willing to do our homework to grow in spiritual knowledge. If we consider it important to learn human skills, how much greater is our need to achieve spiritual growth and to make it a part of our everyday life.

For what we achieve in the spirit will enhance everything else in our life. Not only in knowledge but in joy. We will reap the benefits in all that we do and in all who we deal with in our lives. It allows us to deal with all things in joy and to achieve the best outcome in all things.

When the spiritual is a priority all good things follow. We serve best what we believe, and what we believe is what we achieve. To do everything in the spirit of the Divine is to achieve all things at their highest level and to make God a part of all that you do, thus elevating it to a higher level.

Start each day in quiet meditation that all will begin well and you will end it in gratitude for the many blessings living in the spirit brings. When the spirit is active in our life everything we do becomes a prayer, an offering and an act of love.

We ourselves become love in action. When we living in spirit we recognize the spirit in all others and our brotherhood in the Divine. Then no one is a stranger to us but part of our loving family here as we ourselves are to experience this life.

Acknowledging this makes us more open to any messages we may receive along the way and the ability to treat others with a greater kindness for we recognize within them the children of God that they are. That we all are. When we strive to live in spirit we will find peace and love.