Thursday, May 26, 2016

Winter hanging on

Mother nature is not ready, as yet, to let go of winter. This morning she has unleashed another serious snowfall. The flakes are big and moist, falling in a heavy sheet. The challenge to many, at this point, is to see the beauty in each one.

So many of my neighbors who couldn't wait for the first snowfall as a wondrous sign of winter here in God's country are now bemoaning another storm instead of being grateful for the blessing and the gift.

Too soon it will be over and spring will be here, already small signs are raising their heads anxious for their turn. The squirrels, up early, have arrived for breakfast, life is present, snow makes no difference as long as they have food and shelter.

The cats and I have that and more, a warm fire, a dry shelter with a wonderful view, hot showers, entertainment, and a shovel when the snow subsides. God provides me with all that I need and more, and the ability to enjoy, not wish away, the gifts of today and to see it with eyes of wonder still.