Monday, May 23, 2016

Butterfly Garden

More butterflies are coming to my garden as the flowers increase in bloom: small yellow and white ones, orange with rust ones, and the other day a giant monarch. I feel it is a blessing from God whenever I see one.

At times they are gathering pollen and other times just sitting among the flowers, slowly opening and closing their wings again and again as if to stir the air. I am grateful they feel it is a place of serenity for them and to have them visit.

I try to plant things for their enjoyment as well as mine. The bees too are busy gathering nectar and small lizards come out to sun on the boulders I have placed along the edge of the hill. The fruit trees are getting buds of fruit and soon I will know what the mystery tree is.

It looks as thought I will have a very good crop this year, an abundance to share. I need to increase my crop of boulders as well. I want to make a short wall around the base of the hill where it connects to the driveway.

As it is, small rocks are constantly running town to be run over and walked upon, which is hard on the feet. The driveway needs another coat of asphalt and, as yet, they have to come to fix the potholes in the street.

It's funny, people I run into in town wonder what I do to keep busy now that I've retired. They have no idea how much work there is to do up in the mountains. They also have no idea what a joy it is to be so close to nature that you feel at one with it.

I feel like the butterfly, in constant motion, and in constant awe. The view from my upper back two windows still mesmerizes me with its constantly changing real life landscape, better than any painted by the most famous of artists.

Today it is clear blue skies over tree-crested mountains and at others times I watch white clouds endlessly change shape as they move across the horizon. Sunset is never the same, but always wondrous. The sounds of birds singing drifts in through the open windows as does the scent of fresh mountain air. Oh, how blessed I am. Like a butterfly in the garden.