Sunday, May 8, 2016

Reminded I'm loved

Two deer came today the neighbor said, a stag and a doe, while I was gone running errands. I missed them, and I missed my kids, especially my oldest daughter who always planned something special and has always been there for me, as have all my kids.

She doesn't realize it, so far away, but she was there this year too, in her heart, her thoughts, and her desire, and I felt the love through the miles.

I sent her a card from her baby as a keepsake of this special year, her first as a mother herself. I know of all my children she will have a special blessing for she is very loving and giving and will create a bond with her own daughter that she will only realize in time.

Some day, down the years, maybe thirty or more, she herself may have a Mother's Day when her child will not be able to share it in person, but she will reach out in love, as do all my kids do to me, and this day, that card, and the memory will remind her how much she's loved.