Thursday, May 19, 2016

Paint and Pictures

It's a beautiful day before me. God's sun and warmth shine down upon me. As I look out my back window I watch the sky lighten and the mountains take on a more distinctive flavor of color.

Dark shapes become trees and clearing, houses awake, and life stirs in nature's beyond. The clouds clear to smooth endless sky and the squirrels and birds begin to arrive and a natural activity begins to bring breath to the quiet.

It is time to get back to work on transforming my space. Today I will tackle the hall and create a clear white space where the paint is chipped and a dingy pinkish beige some might call Navajo white sits now.

Time to mask, paper, and prepare my workspace. As my roller was lost to the winds and my paint tray is buried in the snow out back, I only have a brush to work with, but that will do nicely.

I feel such satisfaction as I work and the fresh coat of paint is like opening a window and letting in the light. When the season's snows are completely over I need to have the carpets cleaned and put a protective cover of clear coating on the stairs as they take a terrible beating and are extremely hard to clean.

When I am finished and all is dry, I rehang the family pictures. All is ready now for the stair rail to be installed and to hang more family faces to what I call my rogues gallery. I'm making a home, for me, for God, for family. A place to make memories, a place where I can enjoy nature, a place all my own.