Saturday, May 21, 2016


There are footsteps in the snow leading up, leading out, crossing the hill in ways roundabout. They're caught, ever captured from the porch in the light like a frightened rabbit being chased, seeking safety in the night.

Was it a hawk, a coyote, just what did it fear that caused these footprints across the snow to appear? God does not give this snow covered beauty just for me, but for all those here who have the vision to see. Not just with eyes but with love and spirit too.

When we truly can see God's hand in everything we experience we see anew. We have a choice, we can make each and every day to be in joy, be in grace, to be fully alive, to see the blessings in all things or to merely survive.

Each day is a gift and it's slowly revealed with the sun rising or the passing of clouds overhead. The lilt of a bird's song, the sparkle of snow can be blessings in awareness, our tracks to follow. If we're willing to follow, to be open to change, to see each dapple of sunlight, soft falling rain or wind driven snow not in cost, but in gain.

To not see a hardship but a beauty bestowed in each sparkling snowflake swirling and twirling from God in the heavens to the ground below. Think of each raindrop as a tear filled with love dropped down by the angels and our Father above.

Footsteps can assure us of life all around like calling cards left in the snow on the ground. I am so very blessed to live in the most beautiful place filled with nature, and seasons, and led here by grace.

Each morning when I arise I give thanks for this day and promise to be aware of each breath that I take, of the squirrels and the birds, to both share and partake of each moment, each sunbeam, each golden flower, to savor each minute, treasure each hour.

To not complain or bemoan another snowfall, but to be grateful to live where it comes down at all. Help me slow down to walk in the path where you have led me in peace to follow your tracks. God is the footprint I find in the snow for He lives in all things and people I meet or know. He can take any form when coming to call, so be grateful when you see footprints, and know he has passed this way to guide us.