Monday, May 2, 2016

We are tools for God

Seek, not wealth, but peace. If we first have inner peace, faith, love, and gratitude then monetary gain becomes not an end but a means. It helps us to serve instead of bringing us the service of others. Wealth itself is but a state of mind, for when we have the blessings of friends, family, performing work that we love, the ability to share with others, our health and happiness, we are rich indeed.

Money is a substance that can be lost in a moment and we can never take with us anyway. So why do so many cling to it as if it were life itself? To see others hungry and not share when we ourselves have a full larder, to see others shivering in the cold, dressed in rags, while our cupboards are filled with spare blankets and our closets overflowing with garments we hardly wear, to see others exposed to the elements when we are warm and cozy and to do nothing is worse than being a beggar, it is being ungrateful for the blessings we have.

To pass by someone injured without offering help is being more than selfish, but unchristian. Do we think our purpose if to live in comfort while others suffer unnoticed? Do we think we should raise our children privileged and unaware?

What would we want to be remembered for when we pass beyond this life? Live consciously doing God's work. Life is a lesson to be lived and learned from. Make a difference in the lives of others. Be a brother or sister to those who need one and a friend to those you encounter along life's way.

Open up, not just your pocketbook but your heart. Do not look for reward or acknowledgement but contentment in knowing you were of service today even if no one else is aware. God knows how we live, think, and feel. He knows what we do and neglect to do, and from Him all good things come, we are merely a tool for good.