Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunshine on snow

The sky is so beautifully clear today and Mr. Sun is out bright and shiny for the first time in at least a week. To be in the moment is to appreciate and embrace the experience and the gift. Right now it feels like God is smiling and the world is in a state of joy.

Everything the sunlight touches glistens and the air is filled with bird songs as if they are extolling God's praises and their gratitude. The squirrels came early for breakfast anxious to begin their day and the neighbors are off early, I presume for a trip to town.

They have seemed to have a bit of cabin fever of late. If it had been this nice yesterday I would have lingered longer in town. The squirrels, I notice, have completely broken the bird feeder on the front tree and the seed is now scattered all over the ground below.

They are joined in the foraging by the quail and the blue birds, all trying to get the greatest share. Their antics ground me with the joy of connection to nature and the blessings at my feet. Let the sun shine on in these snowy mountains.