Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A hummingbird friend

I arose to a new snowfall this morning. We will have no shortage, it seems, of water this year. It lasted a little over three hours, but was not a deterrent to the squirrels, the birds, or my high spirits. At nine the sun is out and as I opened my front door, I was greeted by a hummingbird, an in-my-face encounter.

It was as if he had two messages: "spring is coming" and "where's my food." I had not put out any hummingbird feeders, as yet, as I have not expected them so soon. It's time to rethink my expectations.

There are little blooms I'm finding in the yard, here and there, another sign of spring. I took out my trusty shovel and expeditiously cleared my driveway, the berm, my car, and my stairway. It was good to be out and exercising, and meditating in rhythm.

Life has seasons and I'm blessed to be in touch with them now. At peace and in touch with God's creation. Let the hummingbirds come, I've much to share with my new friends.