Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What a beautiful day

What a glorious day it is today. No sign of any rain appears, but instead an unexpected warmth that allows me to shed my extra winter clothing and appreciate this special gift from God. It is not so hot that it melts the hill of snow, so it is like having the best of two worlds at once, dual seasons.

The squirrels are in the mood to play and arrive very early for their breakfast. Much time is dedicated to catching up on chores around the yard. Outdoors, in nature, I feel at one with the universe.

My afternoon mail run is made along the high roads thanks to the wonderful weather. In the hills, I see the world from a birds point of view. Oh, the glory of it all. I'm fascinated with the ever changing scenery, the mountains, the sky.

No two days are ever alike, but there is always a sense of being in a spiritual environment. My soul is nourished by my growing relationship with all living things, and with the powers that govern the universe and all-that-is.

In the early evening, great billowing clouds come over the mountains resembling fields of cotton opened to the sun, begging to be fixed. Areas highlighted as if they were spotlighted by God. Soon comes an avalanche of fog, heavy clouds creeping quickly down the mountains as if an invasion were taking place by a for of nature that could be seen but not touched.

By mid-evening, the air again holds a bone-numbing chill urging a necessity to again find warm wear. The clouds have gone elsewhere and the stars have made their appearance. Tomorrow will be another God given surprise to be revealed.