Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Predicting Rain

More rain is predicted for tomorrow which may mean more snow here in the mountains. So far tonight the sky is clear and the stars stand out like a tray of diamonds against a background of black velvet.

Out back two lights from the house on the hill shine like a double moon or beacons guiding an airplane onto a landing strip at midnight. Of the actual moon there is no sign. The houses themselves cannot bee seen from my mountain lair, but you know their location by the lighted shapes of windows and doors hanging in space.

It is quite serene tonight. The hoot owl is silent and the coyotes have been heard in the near vicinity for weeks. It is comforting to sit in the rocker on the deck, bundled against the cold and just be. Not concentrating but a part of all that is around me, one with the universe, and one with God.